Friday, 6 February 2009

And then there was sound

I spent just over £100 at Halfords on some JBL 6x9s and a very tasty pair of Vibes with separate tweeters for the front. In about half an hour I had rigged up the Sony amp, the JBL sub woofer and the JBL 6x9s. I'll install them and the Vibes properly tomorrow. This was just to see if everything works.

So I worked out how to trick the amp into switching on without a remote controller and plugged in the iPod. I flicked the toggle switch I built in to on, waited for the puff of smoke and the popping sound that would have said I had just made an expensive wrong guess, but thankfully a reassuring blue glow came from the amp. I selected Leftfield's Phat Planet and hit play.

What happened next was blissful. The track starts off with lots of bass and the sub did it's work. As the rest of the track kicked in it became clear that I had made the right shopping decisions and spending the extra few pounds here and there was more than worth while. Though Althea vibrated deeply with the music she (surprisingly I must admit) didn't rattle or buzz at all. I found myself laughing out loud with sheer delight. It's cold and dark now so tomorrow I'll set to installing it all properly. Cutting holes, running cables etc. It will be a huge task but well worth it.

1 comment:

tracey said...

warm and cozy and it vibrates now? grin, sounds perfect tho for hanging out or for escaping when your at a get together.

it sounds like shes coming together nicely with wonderful little surprises along the way :)