Saturday, 28 February 2009

Solid, liquid and gas

The gas bottle arrived this week as did the fresh water tank, table leg and new windscreen washer bottle with pump. I spent most of today fitting them all with no problems and no real challenge. Even though the water tank will fit on the underside of the floor I decided to install it inside after all. I didn't like how close it was going to be to the exhaust and the rear axle and there's plenty of room next to the gas bottle under the sink. When the last few hose connectors arrive I'll screw it all together and give it a test.

Last night I cooked myself some fish fingers on the hob and they were lovely. The cooker is also a pretty effective heater too. After about 5 minutes on full power it was lovely and warm inside.

The air intake vents on the ceiling were all loose due to what appears to be a rubber or leather washer having rotted away completely. I worked out a way of fixing them with pop rivets which meant I didn't even have to take them down and they look great.

The new washer bottle fits perfectly into a recess in the front and the pump has plenty more oomph than the one it replaces which means the washers spray a frothy fountain rather than the pathetic dribble they used to produce.

I cut a hole in the floor and screwed the table leg base down and used a piece of the same wood I used for the bed base for the table top.

Not many jobs left to do now. It's starting to dawn on me that the end is in sight and spring is just around the corner. I recently found out that there's a camp site right next to the place where I like to fish for Sea Bass on the Solent. I'm looking forward to cooking my first freshly caught fish dinner in Althea. That'll be a great day.

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