Monday, 9 February 2009

Then there was even MORE sound.

It turns out that the reason the amp was cutting out was not because it couldn't drive the speakers or because it wasn't able to draw enough power from the battery. It was simply that I hadn't tightened the screw that holds the power supply cable and when the bass notes shook the van it was cutting the power (stands back and takes it on the chin).

But I only found this out tonight when I went to install the dedicated subwoofer amplifier I have just bought. It did cross my mind that now the system was working well enough and I had lots of bass and volume now I could take the new amp back and be satisfied. But I thought I'd just plug it all up the way it should be and see what difference it made.

This is what I just said to my friend in IM about it,

"me: well I bought a bass amp to solve it and thought I'd try it anyway
Just blown myself to a whole new dimension
building damaging proportions of bass and volume without distortion or rattle are now available to me
I thought I'd scared myself the other day...that was just a glimpse
Plum: hahahhaha
me: its astounding
I played disco infiltrator and I swear the van hovered
and still no buzz or rattle
wait till you hear it you'll understand"

Needless to say I will be keeping the new one and running the old one to drive the two sets of speakers comfortably and the dedicated sub amp to drive the sub comfortably too.

I apologize to anyone within the M25 for any structural damage I may have caused to their properties and to seismologists worldwide for the strange readings they will no doubt be trying to decipher.

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tracey said...

hums softly "i feel the earth move under my feet, oh wait its althea"