Sunday, 1 February 2009

A heap of new bits.

I spent most of this weekend installing the water pump, the safe, and the two battery level indicators. I had to work out a way using keyhole shaped holes and long bolts to attach the piece of wood, on which the pump is mounted to the fibreglass wall. The battery level meters took some modification too as they had been glued to their face plates with so much glue, some of it had to be trimmed off to get them to sit flat against the wall. But now I have an accurate way of knowing how much juice I have left in both batteries.

I also mounted a fused switch for the inverter on the end of the bench which means I don't have to open the bench to turn on the mains. I discovered that the inverter makes a beeping sound when the battery is running too low which is very useful too.

The charge switching relay has been malfunctioning so I traced the fault and fixed it.

I took delivery of the cushions at last. They look wonderful and fit perfectly. The upright one stays upright without any need for fixing and fits the window line perfectly too which is a complete coincidence. The covers are a little loose but that means they can be folded over without stretching anything and that they will come on and off easily.

I collected the 1000Watt JBL sub woofer I won on eBay for £9.50 (utter bargain!) from Slough. I was going to take the Mazda but found it with 2 inches of water in the foot well and a flat battery. I am a little troubled by this as it has been covered up. No time to investigate or repair I took Althea. She added an hour to an hour long journey but I didn't mind. When I get the amplifier (tomorrow I hope) I'll install them both. I haven't bought speakers yet as I'd like to have a proper listen to a few sets before deciding which I want. There are perfect spaces in the front doors and in the back to fit them.

I spend quite a lot of time enjoying the view through the tinted windows. They are slightly worn and faded round the edges giving them the look of old photographs and the sky always looks great through them. The soft tungsten light from the built in lamps is also very pleasant and hours can drift by so easily. The new cushions are very comfortable and if it weren't for the sub zero temperatures I would spend a lot more time in there.

I'll post some photos soon.

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