Sunday, 8 February 2009

Then there was more sound!

The front speakers are now in and connected up. They sound fantastic!! It was pretty straight forward cutting the holes and wiring up the crossovers etc but it did take hours. The amp is struggling with the sub woofer and the four speakers which is no surprise. It drains the battery pretty quickly too. I'm going to try bigger and better power supply cables and if that doesn't work I'll get another amp to drive the sub alone and use the current one for the two pairs of speakers.

I also failed to fit the hinges and handles to the speaker panel as the JBL covers overlap....will have to think of a solution for that one.

The delightful little old lady who lives on the top floor came and had a look while i was just finishing up and I enjoyed showing Althea to her. She tells me to wear a hat and makes me feel how cold her hands are when she's been out. I first really met her in the corridor last summer when as I came out of my door she was there and said " I'm looking for someone who can mend my television." I said, "You've found him," and went up to her flat and mended her television.

The fuel leak seems to be getting worse. I'm looking for a garage that I can trust to fix her now. Hopefully once the leaks are done it will be the end of major expenses for a while. We'll see.

I rewarded myself for a weekend of work by relaxing in the back of Althea with a dozen oysters and some draught Guinness from Sainsburys while listening to some dub reggae. Right on cue it started to rain.


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