Sunday, 8 February 2009

Homebase hell

I've just been to Homebase to buy some wood and when I asked the peroxide yob about getting it cut he said there was nobody available until 2pm because the wood cutting guy hadn't turned up. I even asked him if he was sure there was nobody in the building capable of cutting a length of 2x2 into 4 pieces and he looked me in the eye and said "no". This was pretty disappointing as I had failed to get wood cut there last time and had waited until now to try again. When a few minutes later I asked if there was a way I could make sure I could get it cut when I came back, this time in the presence of a manager. It turned out that the yob was indeed the wood cutter and he started ranting about his bad back. I suggested that perhaps he shouldn't be at work if his back was too bad to do his job. He became very aggressive and I would be surprised to see him working there again. I think the reality of it is that he was very hung over and just didn't want to do it.
Having been to countries where people value their job no matter how lowly it may seem and where people take enormous pride in making customers happy it stuns me just how bad the level of service is in this country.

Listen folks if you hate your job maybe you should think about trying to get another one. If you hate people maybe you should work with animals or rocks or trees. If you are hung over to hell then call in sick or take some Nurofen, keep your head down and go through the motions all day. You'll feel better by lunch time anyway. It's easier to do it and be helpful than to skive and be obtuse in the end. I've seen people use more energy to avoid being helpful than it would have taken just to be nice.

Anyway I'm going to spend another day with my lovely green shed on wheels and drying out my Mazda. I have (eventually) four straight and square cut legs for the bed to replace the joke ones I made yesterday. I have hinges for the storage door/speaker mount panel and If I still have any daylight and energy left I'll have a go at the front speakers too.

I''ve got a dozen Oysters and some Draught Guinness for later too.


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tracey said...

grin i agree with you on the way he behaved...but trees, rocks and animals dont pay well and its hard getting them to sign paychecks.

im glad you made a new friendish in the little old lady. nice to know someones makin sure you stay healthy:)

and more pics.:) always more pics.