Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New wipers

Both blades and lever arms have arrived. I'm on my way home to try them out. At first I was very dissappointed with the very short arms but then I worked out that they extend. I'm hoping the land rover blades will fit without too much modification.

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Driving back from an Ocelot gig in Rickmansworth last weekend in the rain I got soaked. It was a very heavy downpour and water poured in through the top of the windscreen. I'm guessing a certain amount of settling has gone on since the seals were re done. I bought a tube of black rubber mastic sealant and squeezed half of it into the gaps where the water was coming in. This morning I did my best to find any remaining leaks with the hose but there was only one tiny one on the passenger side so I'll leave that until it's dry again.

I then set to removing the old aluminium plate that was covering the place where the old AMBULANCE EMERGENCY sign would have been, in the hope that the original might still be underneath. Yeah right! All that was underneath was a rotten mess so I reverted to plan A and made the one in the picture from a piece of perspex (that's plexiglass to you Americans). It's glued on and sealed with the black mastic so we'll see if it drops off. It should be OK. I'm thinking of putting the Knight Rider style LEDs behind it for a laugh.

Next week Althea and I will be doing our bit as aHulaBula Sound System in a forest in Dorset for the Camp 50 party. A bunch of musicians are all turning 50 at the same time and we've been hired to provide the music.

Tonight I'm taking her to Camden to see Toby play in his latest band and to lend them my guitar amp, sub woofer and technical skills.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mixmaster Morris

Here's a great biog of Morris. The bean bag in this photo is now in my garage shedding little white balls by the million through several large rips, awaiting my next trip to the dump. When it comes to festivals there aren't many people it's better to go with and when it comes to getting a lift there's nothing better than Althea to have your name on the front of.

Mixmaster Morris

Mixmaster Morris started DJing in the early 80s, was a founder member of Anti Nazi League, saw great gigs like Miles Davis / Captain Beefheart / Sun Ra / Gil Scott Heron / Steve Reich/ George Clinton / Prince, started doing remixes in 1985, worked with Coldcut and the Shamen, made the first chillout compilation, was resident for many years at Glastonbury, Love Parade, Big Chill, wrote for NME, i-D and Mixmag, did two John Peel sessions, discovered Boards of Canada, met Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna, went to Japan in 1993 with 24 buddhist monks as my support act, made the legendary albums Flying High and Dreamfish, rode a bicycle to Alberts house, lived next door to Syd Barrett, presented The Chill Out Zone on Kiss Fm for years, did a party in a Japanese onsen bath, played at Solar Eclipses in Hungary, Zambia and Amami Oshima,made an album with Hosono from YMO and Jonah Sharp, DJ'ed with CAN at their reunion show, released mix CDs like The Morning After and Abstract Funk Theory, was resident at legendary clubs like Lost, Megadog and Megatripolis, won Best Chillout DJ at Ibiza DJ Awards twice, and started Nubient, Londons longest-running downtempo night now in its 14th year.