Monday, 9 June 2008

We meet at last

At 10:30 yesterday morning my friend Kris and I got into my car, folded the roof down, selected "fastest route" on the SatNav and headed for South Wales. Kris said something about sunblock and I laughed it off......Big mistake.

Some hours later we were carefully guiding the Mazda down a narrow lane at the back of a row of houses and at the bottom we found the old green ambulance.

On first impressions she looked exactly as I expected. I had a good look inside, out and under and found nothing scary enough to make me change my mind so I left Kris messing with batteries and headed off to the cash machine with Shaye.

It wasn't surprising to find the engine wouldn't start but it did turn over. The lights work and so do the wipers and screen cleaner squirters. We found all kinds of horrible bits of bodge jobs here and there, a few holes in the floor and a pair of mole grips as a door handle on the passenger side.

Considering its age and probable life story it is in great condition. Once I have had the engine repaired or replaced and got it through its MOT I can do the cosmetic and electrical work myself.

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kumi kuhr said...

/me looks for the DIGG button... great unfolding story