Wednesday, 4 June 2008

How it all began

First a bit of background. More than 20 years ago a couple of friends I was spending a lot of time with were given an old BMC Mother's pride bread delivery van which had been converted into a camper van and driven half way round the world. I fell in love with the van but never got to enjoy it. Our friendship became strained , the van was loaned to someone who drove it under a tree and wrecked it. I never forgot that van and have always thought I would love one of my own.

Recently I decided I would buy a small van to help get rid of the junk I have in the garage and then sell it again. So I started looking on eBay.........

About two hours ago (3:30 pm UK time) I agreed a deal over the phone with Shaye in Swansea to buy her 1968 Morris ambulance / camper van. It is currently parked up and broken down. My first task is to find an engine and someone who can install it.

This blog will be the story of its repairs, decoration and the adventures we will have in her. I will be driving down there on Saturday to have a proper look at it and will take a few photos.

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Henrietta said...

I've just realized the irony that this project started out as a way to get rid of extra junk :D