Friday, 6 June 2008

"Oh my God what have I done!?"

I have looked at so many websites and spoken to so many people in the last couple of days my head is spinning with it all. This morning I paid 1/3rd of the agreed price into Shaye's bank account and a couple of hours later as agreed the eBay listing was withdrawn. I spoke to Yasha the ice cream guy who knows all there is to know about keeping very old diesel vans going and he said it's better to fix the existing engine than replace it. The thinking being that a replacement engine will be an old engine anyway and is just as likely to break down as a repaired engine. That is if it's repaired at least you know there's one thing that wont go wrong with it for a while. ie I could spend a fortune replacing the engine that has its big ends gone with one with big ends that are about to go.

So I have started the search for a mechanic in Swansea who I can hand it over to and who will hopefully hand it back in time for Glastonwick 2008

Some of the design ideas I have been having and that have been suggested are starting to gel. So far this much I know is true. It will have a sound system that involves a laptop with a hard disk full of music, a big amplifier and speakers that can be used as seating.

It will have a respectfully tongue in cheek hippy theme to it, involving lots of purple, tie-dye and paisley. There will be lava lamps and UV lights and a mirror ball. There will be a glow in the dark galaxy on the ceiling and furry bean bags and cushions.

Right now have no intention to change the outer appearance very much at all but I'll see how I feel when I see it in the flesh so to speak. This will now happen on Sunday not Saturday. As promised lots of photos to come.

Although everyone I have told about this has called me crazy. They have all fallen in love with the idea when they see her. I have spent quite a lot of today going through the "oh my god what have I done, this is crazy" but the drive to go on and make this wreck into the realization of what I have in my mind and have dreamed of for more than 20 years is stronger than ever.

Watch this space blogfans

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