Thursday, 26 June 2008

Donna gets towed (or On your knees Mr Sugar)

Yesterday it was as simple as arranging for the recovery company to come and take her to John's garage. This morning was a whole different ball game......

I call John to discuss times and ask him about the weak bridge I have heard about near his place. He confirms that there is indeed a 3 ton limit so it will have to be carried to the bridge then towed on a long rope over the bridge.

No problem. I call the recovery company and confirm this.

I call Ed to see about getting the keys from his pocket, to Donna. He says he's a very long way off and there's no way he can do that today. I beg him to move her for me as it's costing me a fortune. He says he can at the weekend but not before. This is no good as John only has today free and I need her running and MOT'd by the 3rd if possible.

I remember Dave (the previous owner) said it was easy enough to get into so I call him to ask him how it's done. He tells me how and then remembers he has put a krooklok on the steering wheel and he has the key in his pocket. He is in Norwich town centre and won't be free until 5 pm. I count to ten, see the logic behind locking a vehicle he no longer owns but wonder why he hasn't told me.

I call a mini cab company near Dave's work and arrange for them to get the key and take it to the recovery company. Then they tell me they don't accept card payments.

I call the recovery company to see if they are near enough to Dave to get the key. They are not. They also inform me they do not accept card payments. I take a deep breath.

I call Ed again. Over the sound of sawing wood in the background which does indeed sound like a baboon being punched (see Eddie Izard) he explains that it's not going to be possible for him to get the cash and get it to the recovery company.

I call John. He also can't help with paying the recovery company.

Ed calls me. he tells me about North Tuddenham Garage.

I call North Tuddenham Garage and Terry is great. They accept card payments and charge a hell of a lot less for it too.

I get a text from Dave saying his friend is going to unlock Donna and remove the krooklok.

I Call terry and he says he has spoken to John and it's all happening at about 2 pm today.

I pour myself a plastic cup of fizzy water and relax.

All this while dealing with a slightly complicated client and doing my job too.

This is actually a potted version and there were a lot more calls involved.
I can't help thinking how those over inflated egos and super confident idiots they have on "The Apprentice" would have handled this. I have visions of a van full of non Kosha cheese being dumped into the sea.

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Kumi Kuhr said...

@ para 5: hop-head :P

great summary of a head-spinning day