Saturday, 7 June 2008

Sound system check one!

I always knew there was a reason why I kept the Alesis monitor 2s (that's dirty great mid field studio loudspeakers) They are big, loud, and bassey enough to do the job nicely. They are also designed for studio use so have a lovely clean sound. I just realized they are "mid field" monitors hahaa. I have manged to scrounge a powered mixer amplifier with enough power to drive them nicely too. Yesterday I received a Sony Vaio laptop in the post (Thank You Sharon) which is more than adequate to run Traktor 3 (DJ software) and after spending the last 7 hours messing with all kinds of nonsense I managed to persuade my BCD 3000 (USB DJ mixer) to work with MS Vista.

Basically this means I now have a tough, clean sounding, loud enough, clever enough portable enough sound system for the ambulance. Check one off the list. I feel over the moon now. Imagine how I feel when we have our first disco in a field somewhere.

Tomorrow Kris "The Bear" (my giant Polish pal) and I will drive down to Wales, kick the tires a bit, take dozens of photos, hand over the cash, pick up the documents and drive back.

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