Monday, 30 June 2008


I phoned both mechanics today. John informed me that Donna's brakes still aren't working and that the bell housing we need isn't going to be that easy to find. Also that he still hasn't got the two halves of the prop shaft. I chased a few things up and got things moving again. But it is looking unlikely that she will be on the road by Thursday. I will have more time to find a bell housing tomorrow and get it couriered over to him.

Kevin tells me everything is still on track and that he's quite confident though not promising that we'll have Althea on the road by Thursday.

I've decided to wait until Wednesday night and if neither of them are looking likely to hire a van on Thursday anyway for the weekend.

At work today one of the exhibitors has a vinyl floor made up with a picture of a glacier from the sky. It's superb and I am going to do my best to scrounge it for Althea's floor.

Everyone says the furry speakers look gay. I suppose they do a bit. I don't mind. They'll look great in context.

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