Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Refurbish booked

Next week they will collect her on the back of a pickup and drive her to a garage in the midlands where she'll have her engine refurbished. I've asked them to do whatever it takes to get her through her MOT and they said I should be able to go pick her up in about three weeks and drive her away.

Providing I've found a buyer for my "eye teeth" whatever they are.

It should be interesting learning how to double-de-clutch the first time I drive her on a 200 mile journey home. I think I'll have got to know most of her quirks and "features" by the time we've trundled down the M1 together at 45 MPH. I only hope nothing drops off.

I am now behaving like a new parent and have taken to carrying pictures of her around on my ipod. I am extremely excited at the prospect of getting her on the road and even more so at the thought of getting her looking good, functional and comfortable. It's such a pleasure to see how enthusiastic people are when they see her and how my friends are inspired by the whole project too.

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