Saturday, 12 September 2009

They came from the West

Some months ago I started chatting with the boyfriend of a friend of a friend who was in the same Gmail thread group as me. This is a group of people who are mostly from Second Life (which I hardly use nowadays) who keep in touch via a group email.

Craig, turned out to be a brilliant photographer with a wild imagination and superb sense of humour. His girlfriend at the time, now wife, Mysianne turned out to be another brilliant photographer with a wild imagination and great sense of humour but with a good singing voice and stunning good looks too.

We have fun planning a trip across the USA in Althea where we will pretend to be a band and play gigs in roadhouses and bars along the way. The idea is we play as badly as possible but with confidence and an air of intelligence that will have people doubting themselves rather than our abilities. It will also be part of the plan to change the name of the band at every venue a) to add to the mystery and b) to ensure that word of the crappiest band in the world doesn't get there ahead of us.

The whole mis-adventure is to be filmed, blogged, filmed, photographed and eventually written up into a book by all of us.

So anyway the two of them have been here for a while as part of their big British/French adventure honeymoon. While they were with me they stayed in Althea.

They have gone back to Wisconsin now but here are a couple of snaps and a video to get on with. I know they both follow this blog so a big Hello to you both from Althea and me, til next time.
Their version of the Deep Space Nine theme on Kazoos

Craig's expression as I ask a cyclist who has just darted across the front of me as we are moving why he "Wants to die?"


tracey said...

OHh does that mean youll come to wisconsin? cause thats where i am:P

Craig said...

"They came from the West" lols. You make us sound like a 50s sci fi movie