Thursday, 10 September 2009

Festinho Boo

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On Thursday last week I got a call from Morris asking if I fancied "a little charity festival in Suffolk." On Saturday at around mid day we were on our way. Once through the East London traffic we had an uneventful journey and were soon in the grounds of Kentwell Hall where the festival was being held. We had the usual runaround for passes etc and Morris decided it would be a good idea to leave Althea where she was in the "Boneyard" rather than tru and find our way to the official campsite. This turned out to be a stroke of genius as we were parked a few yards from the main stage and had our very own security guard. The bass from John Hopkins set shook the van very nicely.

It was a small but high quality event, Morris knew everyone and I met the same people three times independently of each other. Echascech were superb and reminded me of Spooky a lot. John Hopkins was also superb and his music reminded me of what planets crashing into the sun must sound like. Morris played from 02:30 in a gingerbread house in the woods to a good and happy crowd and a few people came back to Althea for a few drinks afterwards. The next day we watched Music From The Penguin Cafe.

I missed my chance to go and have a drink with The Swingle Singers which would have been very strange considering that they are the same Swingle Singers from the old days.

We both had a lovely 36 hours and after dropping off a guy we gave a lift to in Bethnal Green, we stopped off at Brick Lane for bagels. Morris, Althea and me are all done with festivals for the year but next year we'll be at it again for certain.

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