Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The carpet goes in

I decided that carpet would be nicer than rubber in the end so yesterday I bought some tough green carpet and spent today fitting it in the back. There's plenty left over for the front too but that's a much trickier job which I'll do another day. I also bought some of that stuff you make door mats from and fitted that to the back steps. At the same time I addressed the problem of the back door not shutting properly with the step folded up and fixed that too. She looks a lot better and I am starting to get glimpses of what she'll look like when she's finished. Tomorrow I'll finish off the bed/bench woodwork ready for the cushions which should be ready in a few weeks. A solution to the problem of how to make it open both ways popped into my head today so I'll try it out tomorrow.

I also had a crazy idea about chopping the insides out of an old 1960's TV I have and converting it into the kitchen base unit but I'm not so sure it will work. It would be superb if it did.

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