Monday, 8 December 2008

Althea gets new eyelids and goes shopping

I guessed that the headlights would be the same as Morris Minor lights so bought these chrome peaks off eBay and after a small amount of physical persuasion they were on. She now looks even more "alive" and like a prop from Wallace and Gromet.......(thinks....where can I get a life sized plasticine dog?.......)

I took her to Lewisham on Saturday to get the foam for the bench/bed. The car park I normally use is restricted to vehicles under 6 feet high so we went in search of a parking space. I drove up a side street which became narrower and then just ended. There were cars parked on both sides and as I discovered after attempting a 300 point turn, not enough room to turn round. It would have been hard enough in a small car but with her size and weight and absence of power steering it was extremely difficult.
Eventually I had her facing forward again and carefully picked my way back out in reverse.
I put her on a meter outside the Salvation Army shelter much to the delight of passers by and fellow drivers. I'm thinking of taking a video camera out soon to record the reactions of people on the street.
In no time I had ordered the foam and got a number for someone who can sew the covers for me.
On the way home I stopped off at the local welder's to discuss a couple of little jobs.
I bought a big red button for the klaxon which just happened to be exactly the same as the broken and badly fitted big red button I removed. I cleaned up the hole and the new one fits perfectly.
The coolant filler cap I bought from eBay fits perfectly. It has been way too cold to do much more and there's no point doing much until the window seals have been replaced anyway.
I was going to buy a free standing kitchen unit from IKEA to put the sink/hob into but after measuring the space I need to think again. There's a piece of Sicilian marble I've had for years that looks the part but it weighs a hell of a lot.

More soon Camper Fans

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