Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tubular Bells

So she now has a new clutch. It took the garage 12 hours to get the old one out and they had to cut a bit of the chassis out to do it. The universal joints on the propshaft are holding on by the skin of their little metal teeth (thanks to Chris and Mucker not greasing them) which is why when I change gear there's a lovely bell like clanggggg. I'll have to get a new propshaft made. In the meantime Althea will sit and wait. I've found a place where I can get one made but it will take a while to get the old one there so they can copy it.

I will have to get the clutch cable fixed too. Thanks to Chris and Mucker (another corner cut boys) the clutch was never set up right which is why it wore the way it did.

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