Sunday, 26 April 2009

Althea works hard and earns a weekend off

Last weekend she wouldn't start on Sunday morning so I had to go to Halfords and buy her another battery. I bought a smaller one which is the right size for her and it does seem to be much better. It charges fully unlike the previous one which was too big and would never quite reach full power. This also means I have a charged spare fo when she's feeling grumpy and doesn't want to play.

I got to the boot sale late last week but still made money. Today I got there early and made very little. I don't mind as I am only doing it for fun and to get rid of some stuff. I have met a couple of blokes who used to work on LD vans and were happy to give me their phone numbers. It made them happy to see her and talk about the old LDs and for me it's priceless to have their knowledge on tap.

I'm starting to get used to how many people love Althea but will never tire of it. Everyone from old old men on wobbly walking sticks to very young kids with lots of questions. She is the star of the boot sale and I'm looking forward to taking her to her first festival.

Speaking of which I met a DJ called Mixmaster Morris (who I have been a fan of for many years), and while I was fixing his video projection gear during his set at inspiral lounge, I told him I had a festy wagon with his name on the front and a PA system in the back and he was delighted. It looks like we'll do something together soon.

I'm taking her either fishing or to see Ed and family next week. If we go to Norfolk we'll drop in on Donna if she's still where we left her. She's worked very hard dragging all those old radios to Kent and back and deserves a rest. I am going to subtitle this blog "everyone loves Althea"

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