Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Windows and walls

It seems that the jobs that don't just fall magically into place with Althea will achieve universal balance by taking ten times as long and costing many times more than estimated.

Today they came to replace the rubber seals around her windows. Two vans containing three men wasted no time chopping out the old perished rubber on the left hand side window and in no time at all had the new rubber in and set about the back window. This one was easy enough to remove but there were problems getting it back in and it cracked.

I had to chisel the rotten screws out of the aluminum bar down the middle of the windscreen which we decided not to attempt this time anyway. I took the cover off the wiper motor housing to get to the top of said bar and found a mess inside which means another job to to.

The new seals on the side windows does mean I can start sticking the fur on the walls which I have and which looks great. I have now got a lot of carpet spray glue and green fur in my hair.

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