Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Althea takes the lead again

Sorry for the long wait I've been on holiday and there hasn't been much to report until now. I visited Donna last week. She's now got brakes and a prop shaft. The engine turns over and she's ben driven but not far. The bad news is that her wiring is a complete mess and will need a huge amount of work. I got an estimate of around £1000 so am looking around for a cheaper one. I will probably end up doing it myself but that will take a long time.

Althea is getting another new engine and gearbox. The one she got wasn't right and Kevin has sourced another. He called me yesterday to say that it's quite likely I should be going down to Wales at the weekend to help him with the last few bits and pieces before we put her in for her MOT. I'm expecting her to fail first time but then at least we'll know what needs doing and get it done.

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